Friday, November 13, 2009

I tried a poetry slam

Tony's Tavern

Listed as a "dive bar," Tony's is a fantastic place for a poetry night, especially great for the beer-drinking poet or just the beer drinker. David, a member of my writing group, The Guttery, has been entertaining us with stories of Tony's Tavern. When David asked some of The Guttery to try out the mike on Thursday, I couldn't resist the possibility of drunken poets falling into the crowds. I decided to bring my little poem down. My poem is not raunchy, no mention of masterbation or sex. Not a slam, but it was all I had, and I've always had this thing for dive bars. I decided to bring it.

Thursday night, hidden beneath my Mao cap, and propped up with my Doc Martins, I was ready. The small reading was crushed into the back of the bar, but no one seemed to mind the close confines. I got there while a man dressed like a superhero changed hats with each of his poems. Most of the poets knew each other, and when I say "knew", I heard history in their stories, roommates, old friends, people from the same state and similar states of mind and innebriation. I tried not to think of the mild vomit smell coming from someone near me, and enjoyed the show.

When I went on, the Tony family was polite and friendly. I didn't get any crazy cheers or kisses and no drunken poet fell on me, but I had a great night.