Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspirations for Only Ghosts

Only Ghosts, as a percussive storytelling was initiated New Year's 2011. An intimate group of creative friends came over to my house to celebrate New Year's Eve.  We started talking about our creative aspirations and YouTubing music that inspired us.  Ragon showed us a clip of the Dresden Dolls.  I was wowed by the cabaret feel of the video and the drama of the percussion work.  What Ragon wanted, he told us that night, was to create a dramatic percussive performance to my novel, Only Ghosts.  I had read sections of the novel at cafes and wine bars with Ragon playing guitar behind me a couple times, but what he suggested was a much larger undertaking.  The next morning, I started pulling the strings of the novel and thinking about Ragon's vision.  A couple weeks later Ragon and I met to discuss the project and I agreed to have a script ready by fall 2011.  There you have it: from Dresden Dolls to Only Ghosts.

Only Ghosts Performance

RagonOur Performers and FamiliesCarrie-Ann TkaczykA. MolotkovRagon LindePrasanna Dhoj Pradhan
Bruce BartlettPrasanna and his sonBruceRagonprasannaBruce
RagonPrasannaBruceOur Mascot--Bruce's Dogdashain danceDashain
DashainDashain CelebrationDashainDashain CelebrationDashain

Only Ghosts Performance, a set on Flickr.