Saturday, January 12, 2008

February 2 begins the Year of the Rat

Happy Chinese New Year! Almost, but the celebrations have begun. Coranna and I will go to the Japanese Garden tomorrow to celebrate with her classmates. And it got me thinking about this next year. February second will mark the start of the Year of the Rat in the earth element. An earth element grounds the rat. This will be a year of hard work but also of renewal. It will be a strong, productive year. A New England girl like me will look back on this year with pride. Many people do not know that the Chinese Zodiac falls within a different element each time. For example, the last year of the Rat in the earth element was in 1948. Rats have also been born in the elements of fire, wood, water and metal.


Kylita said...

Hello, and Happy New Year to you and your daughter also. I am Kyle (Kylita on my blog--Sister of the Code) and you had left a comment on my 1st post of 1/8/08 talking about my brother who had died and having regret, and you'd mentioned that you had a similar relationship with your brother. I was so pleased to have your comment and when I looked at your blog, was humbled to see such beautiful photography and put it in my favorites to take more time later on to truly read more of your writing. I am a Capricorn, also a Silver Metal Rabbit (or Hare) and just wanted to thank you for your comment to my 1st baby-steps posting and I hope that someday you and your brother can improve upon your relationship so that, when this world's end comes for either of you, there will be no regrets for you. ^;^ prrrrrrr

Kylita said...

P.S. from Kyle again...I also recently saw ONCE and was so moved by the spontaneity of the musicians and would love to find friends to collaborate with on just jamming in any capacity of making music! It was a great movie (but I did wish they would get together in the end ... and I loved that he bought her a piano).