Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Magic Realism. . .concerts at the Portland Chinese Garden

My daughter, Coranna, and I attended the Tuesdays By Twilight Concert Series at the Portland Chinese Garden. I used to believe that the Cisterns in Istanbul were the most surreal concert venue, but now I'm voting for this one. The Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble played traditional Chinese instruments: erhu, ruan, dzeng, and pipa. The erhu, similar to a violin, was my favorite. Watching over the water with the Chinese temple arches framing the musicians was magic. I Should also add that Coranna was perfect. When the woman playing said that she wrote a piece to resemble the feel of candlelight, Coranna closed her eyes and tried to feel how the music was candlelight. Careful not to speak outloud, she raised her thumb to indicate that she felt it.

Magic realism is like this night was for us. It disarms you a bit, maybe even makes you gasp as you realize that art can transcend to a place that is intuitively beyond the realm of words. Placed in a real world, it sparkles with magic.


Kylita said...

I've been listening to CDs I've had tucked away ... Tibetan flute, Zen Garden, harp music, a Kwan Yin chanting CD (which came with a beautiful book), John O'Donohue(sp?) reciting Crossing the Threshold ... the last few days for their calming and gentle effect. Music can transcend and transmute ... taking away the "cares of the day" and leaving us poised in repose. (You inspired me to be "magically real" ;o)
Happy Summer! from Kylita xo

Kylita said...

I miss you! Peace!