Thursday, March 20, 2008

Motherless Child

My friend Maureen and I talked for over three hours tonight. It is only within the space of that time that people can really understand themselves and their friends. It is like diving to the depth of our reality. These conversations sustain me. Yeah for great friends.

After talking to Maureen, thinking about the motherless child. Thinking this archetype will be the central person in my next novel. Thanks Maureen!


matt said...

i was expecting you to have expressed some sort of thought on the crackdown in tibet. perhaps, like me, you are still gathering your thoughts on the issue. i just wrote a short post and i'm frustrated and confused as to what we, as brothers and sisters of the human race, should do about it. i feel so powerless right now.

Kalirati said...

Matt, I have been dealing with this over the e-mail with friends, but you're right I do need to post. I just needed to gather my thoughts. I've put up some my e-mails and research today. I believe what is happening now is the physical release of daily suppression. It has been there, we just didn't see it.