Monday, October 27, 2008



My dog, Maya, died today. She was a thirteen-year-old Turkish street dog. I found her when she was a puppy and she's been my shadow, my friend, my companion ever since. A friend e-mailed me today to remind me of a great story. When my daughter, Coranna, was born I was walking with her and my dog in the park. A woman stopped and said, "she's beautiful. How old is she?" I told her that she was about seven and the woman gave me a strange look. I realized then that she wasn't talking about my dog, but my daughter. As my friend said, Maya was my first born.


Kylita said...

You have my deepest longing and sorrow, Dear Friend, as our Mandy Girl had to be put to "sleep" 2 yrs ago just days after my brother died. It was and is still such a loss. We have no children and she was like our child. Then along came Tuffy Boy, our cat, who we met on Mandy's grave, and he's been here, still a wild child, over 2 yrs now, making it nearly impossible for us to get another dog. But, regardless of all that, I know you will feel sad and miss her a long time. Give your little daughter a hug, I'm sure Maya was like her sister, eh?
SisSTAR Kyle xo

Kylita said...

Just wanting you to know I'm thinking about you and hoping you are feeling some upliftment from somewhere. Namaste...Kyle

Kylita said...

Carrie Ann ... just stopped by to say I hope you and your daughter are doing well. I miss reading you, perhaps you are on other blogs or working on your writing, but I do miss you. I know you must be sad without your dog. Be well and keep smiling.