Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time To Write

I had coffee with some friends today, and one friend, a poet named Jenn,talked about going for her MFA. One aspect of our conversation has been eddying around my head all afternoon. She was telling us that the program expects its writers to put in about 20 hours a week on their writing. I'm not heading out to get an MFA any time soon. It was the time aspect that really has me thinking. I do want to finish my second novel by the end of next summer. Am I putting in enough time each week? I write on the weekends and a bit during the week, but is that enough? All said I may be putting in five to six hours a week writing and another one to two reading works from my two writing groups. How can I eek out more time? It is easy to say that I can write more when I'm sitting here on Sunday evening refreshed from the weekend, but at 9:00 on a Tuesday after I've been racing around since 6:00 am, it's harder to do. Isn't that, though, what separates the dabbler from the writer?

I can't give 20 hours a week to my writing. Not now. But, I can do 10. I'm sure of it. I am setting a 10 hour a week goal from now until winter break.


Blues Greene said...

Good question. There is no time card for writing or being a writer. We all do it differently. Quality time is the key here. I fancy myself a writer and can only be effective or motivated, or productive at an irregular pace at best. Arthur Miller wrote the first Act of Death of a Salesman in 6 days. It took him 6 months to write the second Act. What's important is that he wrote it.
Just my 2 cents.

Kalirati said...


I, too, would fancy you a writer and always enjoy getting your 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

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